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need a visa for your next trip to china?

Get your visa for China 

Since the founding of our company, we have been dedicated to simplify the Chinese Visa process for our customers in the Geneva region.

Whatever your nationalities, we are here to help you get your Visa for your next endeavor to the “Middle Kingdom”.

Why Trust us to get your visa for china ?


Personal Quality Check

Our Visa specialist, Mme. Zhu, will personally check your dossier and make sure everything checks out.

Honestly we do not remember when we got a rejection of Visa for our client last time.

Save Your Time

  • Round trip to Bern: 3-5 hours minimum
  • Standing in line at Embassy
  • Another round trip to collect your Visa

Why not spend that time with family and friends, or on your latest big project?

Save You Stress

  • Anxiety while waiting at Embassy
  • Worry about forgetting anything in your dossier
  • Stress when being questioned about your dossier

Why not let us shoulder that for you and we will ring you when the Visa is ready.

We continue to facilitate your trips to china

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